10 Essential Time Management Tips

10 Essential Time Management Tips

10 Essential Time Management Tips

I write a lot about Time Mangagement, I find it fascinating. Our attitude towards time says a lot about our attitude towards life. At the end of the day, time management is self management.

However, effective time management requires discipline and often changes in our habits. This takes time (excuse the pun) but there are many “quick fixes” that we can implement to squeeze more minutes out of the day and become more productive.

Below I have chosen 10 of what I consider to be the most practical quick time management tips.

  1. List small tasks together to do when you have only 10-15 minutes of free time
  2. Prioritise your daily tasks with an A,B,C code, then A1,A2, A3, B1, B2 etc
  3. Include personal and professional/work tasks on the same daily list, your life includes both.
  4. Set time limits for tasks and stick to them
  5. Limit distractions: turn off email alert, work away from your desk for creative tasks
  6. Don’t multitask, it’s ineffective. Fully focus on one thing at a time
  7. Check your email on a schedule, not as it comes in
  8. Only attend meetings where your presence is necessary
  9. Empty your inbox via the process of “do it”, drop it or defer it
  10. Schedule work on your biggest project during your peak energy period

If you begin to implement only two or three of these tips, you will soon experience positive changes in the way you work and your level of productivity.



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