A belief is only a thought you keep thinking

We’ve been hearing about the power of positive thinking for many years now, but we’re only just coming to appreciate its actual power as more of us understand the workings of the Law of Attraction – the principle law which governs the operation of the universe.

The Law of Attraction states that, that which is likened to itself is drawn, via the matching of vibrational energy and we are told that, it’s not a case of “I have to see it before I believe it” but indeed, “I have to believe it before I can see it”.

More and more I see evidence of this ocurring in people’s lives. I have a friend who is a business owner like me, yet we have different beliefs about our prospects and clients. He says he has many clients who aren’t intelligent and don’t understand his product, that’s his belief and hey presto! he keeps attacting clients who back up this belief – he’s struggling to sell. On the other hand, I believe that everyone is doing the best they can (including prospects who take forever to make a decision!) and I hold the belief high that everything comes together – and that’s exactly what’s happening in  my business.

But how can you see or experience something if you don’t believe it?

Absolutely everything is about thought. We create our own reality through what and how we think. And we have complete freedom to think our thoughts, nobody can take that freedom away from us.

If we are seeing stuff in our life that we don’t like, perhaps it’s time to recognise that something needs to change,  because if we keep thinking about the same things in the same way, we will just keep creating the same reality.

So if we want to see something in our lives that is not there yet, doesn’t it make sense to change our thoughts?  At first it may be difficult as we are creatures of habit and many of us have been trained and conditioned to think certain types of thoughts, for example, “nothing ever works out for me” or “something’s bound to go wrong”. But if we change our thoughts to something more positive like “everything is for the best” or “I’m a successful person” and we get disciplined enough to repeat those thoughts until they become part of who we are, we then convert these thoughts to beliefs. And when you really BELIEVE deep inside, something positive, you will see the outside world start to match the inside world – magic happens.

So keep thinking the thoughts you want to believe until you believe them and feel identified with them. Have patience and persistence, give the process time. It’s interesting how the old clichés contain so much truth – anything worth having is worth waiting/striving for.



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