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A few words about our story

Business Learning Solutions satisfies a demand for more in-depth and relevant training in those companies where English is becoming the working language.

We are passionate about helping people be more effective at work in soft skills and in English. We understand that people want much more today from their training in English.

As a company, our values are integrity, transparency and professionalism, which means that you will always receive a totally honest assessment of your training needs and how they can be satisfied.




We have created a unique combination of management development and language training. Because we’ve found that many people simply do not need more English classes as they already have a competent level of English. However, they do need more in-depth skills training than is traditionally offered by language schools in areas such as presenting and negotiating effectively in English. That is where Business Language Solutions is different; we are skills-based, language school training is linguistically based.

Senior managers with strong communication and leadership skills, motivating their teams to higher performance and doing it all in English, are leaders of the future.
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Our founder

The company is headed by Janice Haywood, management skills training consultant and executive coach with over 20 years experience in the Spanish market.

She is supported by a team of senior British and American training consultants who are all highly specialized in their chosen skills area.

“I’ve always loved language, and I’ve always loved people. I don’t know whether it was the blue skies or the good wine, but Spain gave me particular energy that led me to create and build three companies, each focusing more and more on communication skills training and coaching. First, I ran a language school, then a business school and now a management skills training consultancy which is Business Learning Solutions”

Janice Haywood Business learning Personalised Solutions

Janice Haywood

Founder and coach


Why Business Learning Solutions?

Through our diverse programmes of management and interpersonal skills training and coaching in English, we can help your people learn and adopt skills which will have a lasting impact on their role at work.

For those who are looking for something different and motivating, virtually or face to face.

Save Money

Your company saves money by combining the budgets for English classes with soft skills training and coaching budgets.

Large variety of courses

You have a large variety of courses to choose from; the selection of skills courses from language schools is usually very limited.

Option of online

You have complete flexibility when it comes to delivery methodology; you can choose online, face to face or blended.

Through our diverse programmes of soft skills training and coaching in English, we help your employees to develop skills which will have a lasting impact on their role at work. 

Business Learning Solutions is ideal for employees who have outgrown traditional English classes.

Double benefit

Your employees enjoy a double benefit from our courses, learning a useful skill to help them at work and practicing English at the same time.

Flexible courses

Our course materials are very flexible; we can adapt the skills content and level of English used, to that of the participants.

More efficiency

Your employees maintain and improve their English in subject areas which help them to do their job better.

Our clients

In our global world, the demand for effective soft skills combined with English is rising. Let’s motivate those employees who have a high level of English by offering them training and coaching in people skills. Skills for work and skills for life!