Janice Haywood

Connecting with people at the heart of every business

I have always been passionate about people and their performance in the work environment and this is really the essence of Business by Janice. The blog began in the days when I ran the language school, Windsor Idiomas and was intended to address the issues that language school owners faced at the time.

The blog then evolved with me as I transitioned to Business Learning Solutions and began to focus on the wider topics of soft skills in business. Deep down I have always sensed that people skills and particularly emotional intelligence are fundamental to success at work as it creates the base for effective teamwork and leadership.

Unless we are working in complete isolation, communication and connection with others is really what we all seek. The latest phase of my evolution has moved to a passion for that type of communication which is key in the corporate world – presentations.

Undoubtedly being a poor presenter can make or break a career. And for non-natives presenting in English brings added stress. In these posts I intend to highlight the most important aspects of presenting and offer concise insights and tips that can be easily adopted to ensure that your presentations have impact and zest.