Success – get the right people on the right bus

Thinking about why people with a similar potential are more successful than others led me to the conclusion that to be successful we have to be on the right bus. And if we are on the right bus, we are by definition the ‘right’ person to be on that bus.

Let me explain… Our metaphorical bus could be a department, a project,  a start-up, a challenge.  The most important consideration is that we are where we need to be at any time to meet the beliefs we have about our capabilities.

Preparing for a recruitment interview in English

Obviously in the times in which we live, many people are thinking about their professional futures, their value in the job market and the possibility of having to get a new job at some point. In addition to this , if we remember that English is becoming more and more important, depending on the sector in which you operate, the chances of having to do an interview in English are increasing every day.

So how can you prepare for an interview in English? If you really feel you need to improve your level, think seriously about enrolling on an intensive course and/or getting private classes. And simulation practice with a native teacher who also has a interviewing experience is ideal.

5 mistakes companies typically make when organising a training programme

Many companies commit to training with enthusiasm and zest, but pay little attention to the elements that make the training intervention cost effective and that has lasting impact on the participants. Ineffective and inappropriate training is one of the biggest wastes of money that companies experience.

Why is this?

More specifically, what mistakes are companies making in their organisation, implementation and follow up of training programmes? This post highlights 5 mistakes that are commonly made by companies in this area and how they
can be avoided.