Something happened the other day to remind me…

After years of studying positive thinking and being aware that our thoughts create our reality through the  universal Law of Attraction, I’ve managed to discipline myself to think only positive thoughts. Consequently my life has been running very smoothly lately with no untoward situations popping up to disturb my harmony.

Inevitably though, we come across situations/people that challenge us and off we go in a downward spiral of negativity, thought after thought after thought.

Something happened this week in which the universe came knocking on my door to say  -you can’t escape the laws of cause and effect. (more…)

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The Essence of Personal Branding

I was with an HR manager yesterday,we were talking about Personal Branding as her company is thinking of running a training course on the subject. Two thoughts came to me; firstly I was really impressed that a corporate company in Spain is considering promoting something that is as empowering to the individual as Personal Branding and secondly, it really does feel as though the big picture is coming together. What do I mean by that?

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Your most important relationship…

I’ve got back from giving a three day managment skills course –  Great group, so very enjoyable. I’m  on my own right now and it’s just struck me how much I NEED to be on my own after spending three days away. Training in itself can be quite exhausting, you give out so much energy, you’re “on stage” and the attention is on you for most of the time, so it’s vital to recharge your batteries.

But how many of us don’t consider how much of our core energy is being sucked away in our daily interactions with people?  How many people don’t consider the importance of “me time”, of being on your own, of only doing what you feel like doing regardless of the rest of the world. (more…)

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Do you need to take more risks?

Life's full of risks isn't it? When we take risks we feel invigorated, we feel anticipation often tinged with a sense of discomfort becauses we're not sure what the outcome will be. But how boring life would be if we were sure of the outcome of our actions at every step of the way. Small risks, big risks - it really boils down to taking intelligent risks as opposed to stupid risks, and ultimately, what your personal risk profile is. Entrepreneurs are traditionally regarded as risk takers, I guess that's so by definition. We like to be on the edge (to a sensible degree) and to get out of our comfort zones (again to a sensible degree - if we start to get into a panic zone instead, we've obviously taken a less than intelligent risk for where we are in our personal development at that moment)

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