1:1 coaching in English

Turn an English conversation into a coaching conversation and work towards professional goals

There are many people who now have an advanced level of English and continue to receive traditional English classes. In many cases, these classes have turned into mere conversation classes that offer little value to the student.

However, we can approach this differently, there is a much better option.

If we replace an everyday conversation with a ‘coaching conversation’ and add a methodology which focuses on improving pronunciation and grammatical accuracy, we won’t only start to see improvements in the coachee’s English, but the coachee will make important progress towards the achievement of other professional goals.

typical areas for coaching

How can Coaching in English benefit you and your team?

Double benefit

You experience the double benefit of practicing your English and achieving a professional or personal goal.

Listening skills

You improve your listening skills in English; Active listening is a fundamental part of coaching.


You feel more motivated as your English improves and you also move towards achieving a professional goal.

Which methodology is used in the coaching programme?

We use the methodology GROW



We set SMART goals to precisely define the objective you wish to achieve.



We look at the gap between where you are now compared to where you want to be.



We brainstorm and analyse the options available to you to reach your goal, taking into account real and imagined obstacles.


Way Forward

You commit to the actions that you have decided and believe will lead you to the completion of your goal.

Programme Options

Business learning Solutions PRIVACY POLICY

Programme of 4-8 fortnightly sessions of approximately 1 hour’s duration. The frequency of the sessions can be adapted to the needs of the client and coachee.

The GROW methodology is used for the overall coaching process and for each individual session

The coachee commits to the completion of tasks between sessions which will help him/her move towards achieving the final objective.

In this programme, the focus is exclusively on coaching, language weaknesses are not addressed.

Business learning solutions coaching

Programme of 4-8 fortnightly sessions each of approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes duration.

During the session the coach/teacher will note language errors but will not correct the coachee at this stage so as not to distract him/her.

Once the actual coaching part of the session has finished, the coach/teacher will give feedback on the coachee’s linguistic errors.

On completion of the agreed number of coaching sessions, (usually between 4-8), personalised English classes will be prepared based on the language weaknesses detected thoughout the coaching sessions.

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