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We have collected the most frequently asked questions people send us. Check them out, you may find the answer you’re looking for here.

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Participants need a minimum English level of B2 (Upper Intermediate). They need to be able to understand the input from the trainer or coach and be able to complete the practice activities in English. However, we certainly don’t expect participants’ English to be perfect by any means.

Our most popular coures are presentation skills, communication skills, how to be assertive and emotional intelligence.

For our standard training courses, a minimun of 2 weeks is required. For 1.1 coaching, the process is quicker and can be organized within 7-10 days. Personalised solutions vary greatly but average set-up time is usually between 10-20 days.  With personalised solutions we need to be sure we spend enough time consulting thoroughly with the client to determine learners’ needs.

Business Learning Solutions focuses on soft skills training in English rather than traditional English language teaching. However, if a client needs English classes for their employees we can refer them to a partner company to meet this need. Contact us for  more details on this.

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