«Janice has been a great coach for our team. She has work with part of our management team sharing the principles of coaching and practising it in groups and individually. I must say that all the sessions contributed to grow ourselves professionally and personally. Very easy person to work with and very structured and professional in her approach to all the subjects covered.»

Maria José Michavila, General Manager, Casual Brands Group

«I had the pleasure of collaborating with Janice on a great initiative that we’ve implemented in Petit Palace that we call: English Chats. Janice is having weekly sessions with part of our team where they learn and improve their management skills whilst practising English! It’s given in a Group Coaching format, in a relaxed manner and not judgemental approach, which makes it the most enjoyable environment to learn! Janice is a creative, flexible, conscientious and a great professional that will make your life a lot easier!!»

Sara Aliseda, HR Director, Petit Palace