How to get genuine feedback

How to get genuine feedback

How to get genuine feedback

Sometimes as a manager it’s difficult to get honest, genuine feedback on how you are performing from a member of your team. We know that if we are to get the most out of our team we must listen to their view on how we can improve but many people are reluctant to tell their boss ‘the honest truth’.

I was talking to a Finance Director the other day (it’s nice to see an FD who has great people skills) who told me he has a specific technique for getting effective 360º feedback so I thought I would share his tip here with you.

When you are giving feedback on someone’s performance whether it be in an informal moment or at official performance evaluation time, also use this moment to solicit feedback on your own performance. If you have indeed spoken about areas that need improving and the individual is feeling a little sensitive or even defensive, they will value the opportunity to ‘get their own back’ (in the nicest sense though I hope). In fact it will restore their self esteem if they need it restoring.

As a manager it is essential that you are open to continuous feedback. Not only will you learn a lot about your own effectiveness and how you can improve, just asking your team members for their opinion shows that you care about them and respect their input which is very empowering. Ask for feedback continually, generally we don’t get enough of it and people will be very reluctant to give it to you without prompting. But constant two-way constructive feedback creates an atmosphere of openness, trust and the feeling that we all matter and are striving to improve which can only be beneficial for the company.



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