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We have created a unique combination of management development and language training. Because we’ve found that many people simply do not need more English classes, as they already have a competent level of English. However, they do need more in-depth skills training than is traditionally offered by language schools in areas such as presenting and negotiating effectively in English. That is where Business Learning Solutions is different; we are skills-based, language school training is linguistically based.

Business Learning Solutions can offer you a wide range of training solutions. Our pre-designed courses are ideal for those clients with a limited budget who wish to provide a standard course to groups of people with similar professional needs.

Active listening, a crucial skill

A communication is successful when a message has been sent and received without distortion.

Messages conveyed badly by the sender or misinterpreted by the receiver prevent ideas and thoughts from being expressed correctly and often causes confusion and misunderstandings. The aim of this ‘Essential Communication Skills’ course is to minimize such distortions. The training looks at areas such as body language, listening techniques, effective questioning, clear and concise speaking and empathy to ensure participants gain a better understanding of the role played by each one of these concepts in making or breaking communication. This course is highly interactive as each skill is practised extensively.

How to Deal with Resistance from a Training Group

Communicating well in times of crisis is a must. In this course participants will learn the basic principles of
crisis communication, how to identify and manage emotional and behavioural responses, strategies for
acting with calmness and competence together with techniques and tools for clear, decisive, and reassuring messaging. They will also engage in various role-plays to practice crisis communication strategies with real-life scenarios.

Business learning solutions soft skills

Listening is perhaps one of the most important skills used when communicating with others. By developing a reputation of being a good listener an individual can transform his/her life in many dimensions. This half-day course aims to help participants master the art of listening in professional and personal settings. It includes material on the importance of listening, barriers to effective listening, active listening techniques and listening in different contexts focusing on giving feedback and listening with empathy.

Business learning solutions training courses

It is possible to approach conflict to reach a win/win and a successful conclusion for all involved. This
course focuses on how participants can deal with and end conflict situations quickly, cost-effectively and
with as little discomfort as possible. Participants will learn how to define, identify and pre-empt conflict,
differentiate between positions and interests in a conflict, identify the stages of conflict and the five
methods of dealing with it plus follow set approaches to dealing with different types of conflict.

How to Speak like a Leader

Meetings do not always enjoy a particularly good reputation. In many organisations they are notorious
timewasters and are often unproductive. This course is designed to enhance the skills required for
conducting and contributing to meetings that are efficient, productive, and outcome-oriented. Areas
covered include meeting preparation, creating a clear objective, roles and responsibilities, agenda setting,
dealing with dominant participants, action items and meeting follow-up.

Tips for having excellent conversations - Business Learning Solutions

In life and work we are always influencing whether we are conscious of it or not. This course will help
participants understand and develop their own influencing styles to effectively manage workloads, enhance performance, and positively impact others, including those outside their teams and in higher positions.

How to have a difficult conversation

Better questions usually get better answers and more useful information. However, asking effective
questions is a skill that like all other skills needs knowledge and practice. This course teaches participants how to ask better questions. It provides a range of question types for different purposes together with examples for each type and helps participants to be more focused in their questioning to ensure they achieve their objective.

Business learning solutions English training

The modern work environment requires much of a manager, not least the need to treat ‘difficult’;
employees with the same respect afforded to those who are less demanding. This course is designed to
help participants identify and understand the root causes of what is considered ‘difficult’; behaviour in
employees. They will learn to reflect on their own behaviours and how this impacts others and the
workplace environment and they will learn and practice the communication techniques to address,
manage, and mitigate difficult behaviours.

Are you really listening?

Everyone is required to communicate a difficult message at some point in their career. How this message is received is dependent on several factors and the outcome of a poorly delivered message can be catastrophic for a business. This half-day course will equip the participants to deliver difficult messages effectively while coping with awkward behaviours within the team.

Eliminate your nerves when presenting - Janice Haywood

Non-verbal communication or ‘body language’ has been shown to be more important than words in the
communication and understanding of a message. In this course participants will learn skills to understand their own body language as well as being able to read the body language of others. If we can learn to identify and appreciate non-verbal clues, we can begin to improve our communication as a whole. This use of body language skills impacts situations such as; sales visits, interviews, presentations and normal day to day interactions where body language plays a part.

Solution based courses are aimed at those who require a more tailored training to resolve a specific business issue.

In both cases, following the training interventions, we recommend coaching sessions for all participants to ensure that the new knowledge is transformed into more effective working habits.

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