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We have created a unique combination of management development and language training. Because we’ve found that many people simply do not need more English classes, as they already have a competent level of English. However, they do need more in-depth skills training than is traditionally offered by language schools in areas such as presenting and negotiating effectively in English. That is where Business Learning Solutions is different; we are skills-based, language school training is linguistically based.

Business Learning Solutions can offer you a wide range of training solutions. Our pre-designed courses are ideal for those clients with a limited budget who wish to provide a standard course to groups of people with similar professional needs.

How to Deal with Impromptu Speaking - Business Learning Solutions

There are 24 hours in a day but time seems to be moving faster and faster whilst at the same time we are expected to be more and more productive and efficient.

This training course will equip the participants with tools and techniques to maximize personal
effectiveness looking at areas such as how to organize their time in line with their personal and work commitments, effective to-do lists, dealing with procrastination, manage distractions and deal with varying life/work pressures.

How to Speak like a Leader

High emotional intelligence has been proved to be one of the defining factors of success in life and at work.

This course will enable the participants to identify the main competencies that make up emotional
intelligence. In self-awareness they will reflect on their own emotions, strengths, weaknesses, and values.

The self-management domain explores strategies for managing one’s emotions and impulses together with some important pointers for improving motivation. Social awareness looks at skills for empathetic
interaction and understanding the emotional needs of others. The final domain, relationship management
focuses on the main aspects of how to build and maintain positive relationships. Exercises are completed for each of the EI competencies and action plans then developed to improve in those areas that will most serve them at work.

How to Speak like a Leader

Resilience is recognised as a competence of emotional intelligence. It is the ability to cope with the challenges, problems and set-backs we face in life, and to become stronger because of them. It draws on various skills and resources such as rational thinking skills, physical and emotional health, and an
individual’s relationship with those around them.
In this course, participants will explore what being resilient really means, learnings from being or not being resilient in the past and learn strategies for becoming more resilient in the face of uncertainty and adversity.

mastering effective meetings to enhance your team’s efficiency

Being assertive is the ability to express yourself with confidence without having to resort to passive,
aggressive or manipulative behaviour.

This course explores the foundations of assertiveness and what it takes to become more assertive in
different areas of our life. This will help participants to speak out more at work, communicate their
boundaries to colleagues and allow them to better deal with stressful situations such as engaging in difficult conversations.

Building High-Performing Groups

Although technology is moving us to shorter messaging channels as a means of communication, good email writing and etiquette is still a valued skill.

In this course we look at the standards we need to be applying to ensure that our e-mails are professional
and effective especially when written in English and aimed at an Anglo-Saxon recipient. We also focus on
how to eliminate simple errors when writing and sending e-mails and what constitutes accepted protocol/etiquette when writing and sending business e-mails.

Tips for having excellent conversations - Business Learning Solutions

Self-confidence and a healthy self-esteem are at the root of success.

In this half-day course participants explore areas where they are lacking self-confidence and learn and
practice techniques to develop the mindset that fosters self-confidence. The course also focuses on
strategies to overcome nervousness when speaking in English as a non-native.

How to have a difficult conversation

In today’s competitive world, standing out requires strong personality, uniqueness and a certain level of impact. Having a strong and positive presence can open up doors, get people to listen, pay attention, to buy, to commit and to support you which in turn can boost your confidence, increase your chances of success and prepare you to face new challenges.

This course will teach  participants how to develop their personal brand by exploring identity, how personal branding shapes public perception, building self-confidence, using language and storytelling techniques to communicate a compelling personal narrative and the concept of presence and charisma.

Business learning solution one to one coaching

Stress can be a positive thing, which drives us on and helps us to grow, develop and be stimulated.
However, when stress reaches a certain level, it can overcome a person’s ability to cope and can impact on their physical and mental health.

This stress management training course helps the participants to identify the causes and effects of their
own stress, which stress is positive and which is toxic, teaches them different coping strategies and guides
them in creating habits that will keep stress under control in both their personal and professional lives.

Solution based courses are aimed at those who require a more tailored training to resolve a specific business issue.

In both cases, following the training interventions, we recommend coaching sessions for all participants to ensure that the new knowledge is transformed into more effective working habits.

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