Getting clear for the Law of Attraction to work

One of the people (Shawn) commenting on my last post about the Law of Attraction said “it’s easy to attract money” in response to a comment I had previously left saying “money is the hardest thing to attract”.

When we compare those two statements, what is revealed? It demonstrates quite emphatically that all of us have different beliefs.

We live in a belief based universe. Our upbringing forms our beliefs, our experiences form our beliefs, what we hear via friends and the media forms our beliefs, the list is endless. Books like The Secret are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to eductating us about the LOA. They tell us that we have to think about what we want to manifest, we have to feel positive about it, feel happy and grateful in the now and hey presto! what we want manifests!

Is it really that easy?  No, it isn’t.

I’ve just read a great book by Joe Vitale called “The Key – the missing secret to attracting anything you want” which goes much deeper than other LOA books to look at what psychological and unconscious limitations are holding us back from manifesting what we want. The book then details various techniques for unblocking what is necessary for the energy to flow through us unimpeded, which will then bring us what we are wanting.

Let me put some personal examples around this to illustrate the point.

My state of health is incredible, I’m NEVER ill, I never get colds or anything. Even before I knew about the law of attraction I believed I never got ill. I think this belief was initiated as a child as my mother paid little attention to us when we caught colds and flu etc, she just let it run it’s course.  So, no focus given to the situation, no situation. Now when I feel a tingle in my throat that I might be catching something I just tell it to go away and ignore it. It does.

Turning to the money issue;after leaving university the money started to flow as I got my first job, got promoted and eventually got sent to Spain on an ex pat basis etc. However, several years ago I experienced a very traumatic situation related to money via my ex husband who due to a serie of extremely irresponsible action, virtually left my kids and I on the street.  Has such an experience affected my belief about the abundance of money?  Of course, and this is evident in the comment of mine quoted at the beginning of this post. I’m sure everyone can come up with a parallel experience all be it in another area, relationships, career etc.

Even though we want to attract  more money, a great relationship, a better job etc, if we have certain subconscious fears related to these scenarios, the manifestation is gong to be a lot slower in coming as we are blocking the energy getting to us. Our subconcious wants to protect us. It says, “hey, you had a lot of money before, or a great relationship, whatever it might be, and you lost it, you don’t want to go through the pain of all that again”. So basically we have to GET CLEAR of these energy blocks to become more successful in attacting what we want.

How can we get clear? One of the methods outlined in “The Key” is Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT.  Has anyone tried it?  EFT is based on an ancient Chinese medicine using the same energy pathways called meridians  as are used in acupuncture.  The theory is that negative emotions such as those that block us from what we consciously want, are caused by disruptions in this energy system. By tapping on key points, we balance the energy and clear the blocks. All very interesting stuff. Of all the tools outlined in Joe Vitale’s books it’s the  one that resonates most with me so I’m going to give it a go. I’ll let you know how I get on.

I’d like to leave you with an excerpt from “The Key” which sums up really well how beliefs affect our lives:

“The energy is coming into me, and as it goes through me, it’s being filtered through my beliefs, and then I look out and see the results. Well, those results aren’t really real. What they are is a reflection of my beliefs. And if I don’t like those results, I have to look at my beliefs. change my belief, I get different results.”



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