How to eliminate your nerves in an instant when presenting

Eliminate your nerves when presenting - Janice Haywood

How to eliminate your nerves in an instant when presenting

Is it eliminate your nerves when presenting possible? I can tell you that it absolutely is!

Yes, we all get nervous about giving a presentation, it’s normal. It’s because we care and usually there is quite a lot at stake, most importantly our credibility. But those nerves do feel uncomfortable, don’t they?

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Here is a simple way to (almost) eliminate them.

Simply focus your energy outwards towards your audience. Stop focusing on yourself and focus on your audience instead. After all, a presentation IS about the audience, it’s not about you. OK, you are the one who is responsable for the content and preparation but once that is completed, then you need to redirect your focus.

The easiest way to focus your energy outwards is to connect to the WHY of your presentation and HOW you are going to help your audience with your message. Speak from a place of giving. After all, it is called ‘giving’ a presentation!

When your audience become the most important focus for you and you genuinely care about them hearing your message, you’ll find that it becomes easier to speak. Your words will flow better and most importantly of all, you will remove any feeling of self-consciousness that is the root of your nervousness. Your body language will be natural and authentic. You will find it easier to make eye contact with members of your audience which in turn will encourage them to make eye contact with YOU. You will achieve connection which is at the heart of effective communication and influence.

So next time you present, give it a try. Focus your energy out towards your audience with the sincere desire to help them via your message. You’ll experience the calmness of being in the present moment where problems don’t exist and neither do nerves!



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