Why choose Business Learning Solutions?

Business Learning Solutions is a unique combination of management development and language training.
Many people simply do not need more English classes as they already have a competent level of English. However, they need more in-depth skills training than is traditionally offered by language schools. That is where Business Language Solutions is different; we are skills based, language school training is linguistic based.

Save Money

Your company saves money; you can combine the budgets for English classes with skills training and coaching

Large variety of courses

You have a large variety of courses to choose from; the selection of skills courses from language schools is very limited

Option of online

You have complete flexibility on methodology – online or face to face

Double benefit

Your people enjoy a double benefit; they learn a skill and they learn English

Flexible courses

The courses are very flexible; we can adapt the content and language to the level of English of the participants

More efficiency

Your employees maintain and improve their English in subject areas which help them to do their job better

Through our diverse programmes of management and interpersonal skills training and coaching in English, we can help your people learn and adopt skills which will have a lasting impact on their role at work.

We are the next step after traditional language training!

Presentation skills training and coaching programmes

“El curso que he recibido de Janice, Presentations Skills, ha sido fantástico. Con contenidos teóricos innovadores y con una importante carga práctica.”

Mariano de Abajo Bedmar, Project Manager, Altran

“Janice es una experta en gestión, habilidades, liderazgo…, lo que le permite impartir cursos sobre diversas materias relacionadas con los negocios y los recursos humanos.”

 Alicia Díaz Sánchez, Responsable Comunicación PYMES, Telefónica

“I believe that having the chance to work with Business Learning solutions is an opportunity that no professional with the aim of growing should miss.”

José Miguel Vicente Sánchez, Gate Gourmet, Regional Director Operations Planning and Controlling Western Europe

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