As most of  my regular readers know, I’m a great advocate of the Law of Attraction, in fact one of my distant goals is to become a Law of Attraction specialist. It’s a goal that’s written down and has a time frame of 3 years hence.

A couple of months ago  I was at a coaching seminar/course and as part of the course we were required to do 2 coaching sessions, so of course, you have to choose a goal for the person coaching you to coach you on, (bit of  a mouthful that, but you know what I mean). I chose the goal of giving a Law of Attraction talk. There was quite a bit for the coach to go on – asking me about all the steps that I needed to take, when I was going to take them etc. Basically as coaches we use a model called GROW, which underlines a 4 stage process of: Goal, Reality, Options and Will (meaning the committment to action).

One of the essential questions in any coaching process at the Reality stage is, “What obstacles are in the way of you achieving your goal?”. And for me, the obstacle was that I don’t know enough about the quantum physics side of the topic; information  you need to answer questions from those sceptics who are not satisfied with spiritual postulating, but need  scientific evidence that the Law of Attraction does exist and does work.

A condition of successful manifestation of an intention is to just let it go out to the universe. Of course you have to believe you will manifest your intention but there should be no neediness around it, as neediness is demonstrating a sense of lack and so that is what you will continue to get, the lack of what you want. Since the coaching day I hadn’t thought about my goal, although if anyone had asked me I would have said that yes, of course, one day I’m going to give a talk on the Law of Attraction as a first step to realising my vision of becoming a Law of Attraction Specialist.

A couple of weeks ago a friend contacted me and said “I think there’s someone you should meet, you’ll get on like a house on fire, He’s just arrived in Madrid, is a fitness coach, very into affirmations, visualisations etc and wants to become a life coach.

So we met last Friday and guess what?  The Law of Attraction talk is scheduled for the 29th April!! I’m just bowled over with the simplicity of it all. Turns out this guy is REALLY knowledgable about quantum physics as related to the LOA. It wasn’t until the next day that the idea of doing a talk together hit me, and when it did there was a rush of positive emotion which I know from all my studying that that is my inner being telling me that I have to do it. And as Joe Vitale states in “The Secret”, the universe likes speed. When you have an inspired idea you have to ACT on it quickly to complete the manifestation of your intention.

Many people don’t act on ideas and thoughts as fears and limiting beliefs get in the way. Our mind is responsible for a lot of things NOT happening as well as things happening. Now, whenever I have an idea or thought that gives me a rush of positive emotion I act on it, whenever a thought keeps recurring I’m more aware of it than before and start to think what action I need to take to follow this through on this nudge from the universe.

Anecdote – I told my 9 year old son that I was going to give a talk on the LOA and his reply was “is that about traffic lights always being green for you and getting parking spaces all the time?”

So, if you want to find out how to manifest even the trivialities of life such as parking spaces as well as the big stuff and  you are interested in attending the talk, drop me a line. I don’t know the exact venue yet but it’ll be somewhere in central Madrid. Anyway, I know I should walk my talk, so I’ll expect the ideal venue to manifest itself!!



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