Never stop learning

Never stop learning

Never stop learning

Life is about moving forward, about growing and changing. When we’re feeling permenantly frustated and bored, it’s often because we have unconsciously got ourselves  into a situation where we are actually stagnating, where we’re not feeling challenged.

Visiting so many companies and interacting with so many individuals, I see huge differences in attitudes towards self responsibility and learning. More and more, employees need to develop extra skills such as presentation tecniques, time management and sales skills yet many just sit back and wait for their company to provide them with the training. Why? Well, I suppose it the easy option, and the  most obvious one, if I need extra training to do my job better, of course my company should provide it. But what if we take responsibility for change ourselves?

Major moves forward often come from powerful questions, questions such as:

  • how can I get better at what I do?
  • what is the first step I can take to to become more skilled at…?

The world is full of books, ebooks, articles and free courses to widen our knowledge and just with 15 minutes of focused reading a day, we can start to see a difference.

And what about the time we spend in our cars? What about turning our cars into a “university on wheels”? So many people waste precious learning time by listening to bubble gum radio when they could be listening to an audio that could improve the quality of their lives or how they approach their work. It’s amazing the number of times I hear people saying they are desperate to improve their level of English for example yet they never organise themselves to listen to English in their car.

But it’s not just about the acquiring of knowledge. It’s about attitude. Attitude is one of the biggest factors which contribute to our success. Those people who demonstrate initiative, who demonstate enthusiasm for learning and who therefore take responsibilty to make sure that learning happens are the ones who inevitably achieve success and happiness.




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