After completing an Economics degree at the University of York I went into Retail Management which later provided me with the opportunity to move to Spain collaborating with a major department store group.

In 1995 I became involved in language training, and ran my own language training company, Windsor Idiomas for more than 10 years. I headed the corporate division of the company and realized that my interests lay totally in Business English and particularly in the soft skills training area.

In December of 2009 I gained my accreditation as a Business Coach with The Coaching Academy in the UK.  Change and growth are important to me, and empowered by my coaching training, I realised that it was time to move on and out of my comfort zone. I sold out of Windsor Idiomas in December 2009, collaborating for a short spell with the international coaching company, Shirlaws, before finding my “right place” with Business Learning Solutions.

People in business are my passion. I believe that people are a company’s most valuable resource and I wish to contribute to the building the value of this resource through the services that our company offers.

I am a person who craves depth and meaning and will not compromise on inadequate solutions in my personal nor professional life.

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