Personalised Solutions

This is where we like to get creative…

Experience has shown us that some clients need to work on a skill in English (usually related to communication) but they are not sure whether they need coaching, training or some aspect of English Language teaching.

In many cases, these people need a little of all three and the good news is that we can provide just the right amount of skills training, coaching or language teaching that they need. 

We love to be creative, flexible and adaptable!

1:1 solutions

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In our 1:1 solutions we:

  • Helping a client to answer questions without digressing, speak more clearly, improve English pronunciation (Client: Discovery Channel)
  • Working with a senior manager to improve the structure of his training webinars, deliver them with more energy, improve grammatical accuracy. (Client: Emerson Network Power)
  • Helping an executive to present a traditionally ‘boring’ subject with passion, energy and enthusiasm. (Client: Gate Gourmet)

Group Programmes

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Human Resources Directors and managers call us when they want to organize a programme in English that adds value to participants’ daily work, but they don’t have an exact idea of what this programme should contain.

Together we discuss the profiles of possible programme participants and explore different combinations of skills training, group or 1:1 coaching and English language teaching applied different soft skills topics.

Ongoing programme with two groups – Managers & Directors/ Head Office Staff

Phase 1: Debating issues related to the hotel industry, introducing sector vocabulary English, grammar & pronunciation correction.

Phase 2: Training course in basic coaching skills followed by a series of group coaching sessions. Every week a different member of the group would bring a topic to be coached on by the rest of the group using the GROW coaching methodology .English language review and correction at the end of the session.

Phase 3: Mini seminars exploring soft skills topics and how to apply new knowledge to their daily work. Reinforcement of new vocabulary, review of grammatical and pronunciation errors at the end of the session.

12 week programme with a group of 4 company directors

Phase 1: Group Coaching: Training course in basic coaching skills followed by a series of 6 weeks group coaching sessions. English language grammar pronuncation correction at the end of the session.

Phase 2: Individual coaching sessions by Business Learning Solutions coach: each 4 weeks director receiving 4 coaching sessions. English language grammar pronuncation correction at the end of the coaching session.

Phase 3: Presentations skills workshop: Training course to provide skills input followed 2 weeks by each particpant delivering their own presentation with peer and trainer feedback.

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