Positivity every time!

Positivity every time!

Positivity every time!

Today is the first day of 2012.

It’s a beautiful sunny morning here in Madrid, an appropriate environment to look forward with anticipation to another year.

Some will say it’s going to be a difficult year, a year in which the economic crisis will cut more deeply, a year in which many people will experience genuine hardship.

Others will say that it’s a year in which such circumstances will provide us with the opportunity to get creative, to reflect on where our strengths are, to change our life’s direction towards that which really inspires us, to learn to be grateful for what we actually have, to value those relationships that nuture us and encourage us to be the best we can be.

Really, none of these scenarios exist right now in what most people call “reality”. They exist only in our imagination. Can we control our imagination? Of course we can. And does what we think cause us to experience different feelings? Yes, it does. So if we disciplined ourselves to imagine something that makes us feel good, would the future look better to us?

The most important thing we can do in life is to persistently reach for thoughts that make us feel better until we get right up to the top of the emotional scale and feel happy most of the time. Feeling hopeful, positive and happy is the fuel which drives our creative energy and it’s exactly that creative energy which is needed in our current economic climate. We NEED to feel good to give us the inspiration to change things.

Yes, hard work is required of all of us right now. And perhaps the hardest work is to train our minds to think positively in the face of society’s current “reality”. We have a hard battle with the media who make their money by supplying us with “bad” news but at the end of the day our minds are free to chose to think in a positive way or a negative way. We can choose how to react to the news we are hearing.

Be conscious of what you’re choosing to think, because your choice of thoughts determines how you feel, and how you feel determines your decisions and actions. Ultimately our actions determine the life we experience, economic crisis or not.

Get Happy!!

Happy 2012!






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