Recognising the need to change

This week I would like to pass on an excerpt from a book I’ve read recently which I think is very appropriate to the times we are experiencing.


The excerpt is from “Creating Money: Attracting Abundance” by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.

“Is a job, career or situation that used to work no longer working for you? Perhaps what you once loved to do has become  a “have to” or lost its sense of newness and aliveness. No matter what level of prosperity and abundance you have achieved, there may come a time when your picture of where you want to be, or think you ought to be, does not match where you are.

It is important to know when to change course. No job, business or activity will be perfect forever unless you are willing to constantly update it, for as you grow the things around you need to be revised. Sometimes a simple change will do. Other times the only way you will be able to go to the next level will be to let go of everything you have and  start over with something completely different.”

“Creating your life’s work doesn’t come from choosing safety and comfort over growth. It comes from choosing and taking the actions that help you get where you want to go. Learn to embrace your challenges with love rather than avoiding them. Start by doing something that is a slight reach for you; take on a slightly more challenging project than you normally tackle, or learn a new skill. When you do things that make you reach, the rewards are great. You will feel invigorated and energised afterward.”

“It is a challenge to love rather than dislike what you are leaving. If you focus on what you want, what you would love to have, and go toward it, you will have it. The more you dislike something, the more you may be stuck with it. One of the principles of the universe is that every situation in your life is teaching you how to love. You cannot leave something until you love it. You are tied to things you don’t like. If you hate something, you will be drawn to it again and again (even though the person or form may change) until you love it.  Once you love it, you are free from it.”

Food for thought!



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