Something happened the other day to remind me…

After years of studying positive thinking and being aware that our thoughts create our reality through the  universal Law of Attraction, I’ve managed to discipline myself to think only positive thoughts. Consequently my life has been running very smoothly lately with no untoward situations popping up to disturb my harmony.

Inevitably though, we come across situations/people that challenge us and off we go in a downward spiral of negativity, thought after thought after thought.

Something happened this week in which the universe came knocking on my door to say  -you can’t escape the laws of cause and effect.

Basically, via the Law of Attraction, where like attracts like, if you are thinking in a predominantly negative way, you’ll attract situations and experiences to feel negative about.

And that’s just what happened to me a few days ago  -I got stopped for speeding on one of those stretches of road where the speed limit suddenly goes down to a ridiculous number  before you’ve even realised.  I got stopped by the police and then to top it all, they discovered that my driving license was 3 months out of date! I had no idea! (In the UK, once you get your license, it’s valid until you’re about 60).

Afterwards, I asked myself, how have I been thinking/vibrating to attract such an experience?  And then it came to me in a flash – I’d had a challenging time with a member of my family the previous week and indeed I’d been “stewing” the situation, feeling progressively worse and worse about it.

It reminded me of the time some years ago when I had had a similar situation with a business partner and was jolted out of it when I got my bag pinched! It’s like the universe’s way of saying “hey, thinking negatively like that doesn’t serve you, here’s a reminder to get you back on track to the happy, joyous life you’re meant to live if you would just control those thoughts inside your head”

Due to the way energy moves, like attracting like, this causality isn’t something we can avoid, it’s a basic law of the universe. What we can do however, is exert some control over the type of situations that we attract to us by being aware of how we’re thinking. Expressed in a very simple way, it goes like this: if you think positive thoughts you’ll feel positive and by extension happy, you’ll then have happy experiences!




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