Eight tips on how to deliver a presentation in English

In the previous post we talked about how to prepare a presentation in English to give you maximum confidence; the more effectively you prepare, the more confident you will feel.

Here we’re going to consider what you must think about when you are actually in front of your audience – how to effectively deliver your presenation in English

  1. Outline to your audience how your presentation will be structured:  e.g. I will first explain…/Then I will…/After that…/Finally… Clear structuring is fundamental and really makes the difference between a professional and a weak presentation. You must keep your audience with you all the way through your talk and you do this by effective structuring. They need to know where you are in the presentation at any one time and they need to know what is coming next
  2. Speak slowly and with pauses: It may not seem natural to you, but it will seem very natural to your audience. To sound professional in anypresentation, we must speak 20% slower than we do in normal conversations.
  3. Use longer pauses to give you and your audience time to assimilate the message: the use of pauses with a facial expression of confidence is very powerful and professional.  Practise this tip and USE IT