Choose to be “Happy Busy”

I recently gave a time management course where one of the sessions was dedicated to our attitude towards time. It’s probably something that the course participants didn’t think would be an integral part of the training, but as we went through the session, I could see, from the expresssion on their faces, that indeed, they felt that changes in
attitude could have a significant influence on how they would manage their time
in the future.

Time is a great leveller; we all have the same amount of time in the day to deal with. And there are two aspects to this –

  • how we organise ourselves to get our tasks done
  • how we feel about the things we have to do or are not able to do

Get balanced, get happy!

It seems that people are running just to stand still. I’m going  to propose something very radical here – Be very, very happy then do everything you have time to do after that! People inevitably do the opposite, asking too much of themselves in terms of time and effort, burning the candle at both ends then…