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Powerstart your day!

Powerstart your day!

For many years now we have heard about the importance of a filling, nutritional breakfast (I still manage to be horrified when some Spaniards here tell me they only have a cup of coffee for breakfast).

However, as the pace of life and demands on us continue to increase, we need more than just a boost via our alimentation. In previous posts I’ve often made reference to the importance of the balance between mind, body and spirit for a happy and satisfying life. And this is particularly important at certain moments, one of those moments being the start of the day.

How do you start your day?

Do you rush out of the door gulping down a cup of coffee for breakfast? Or do you get up with enough time to do something that nourishes you and sets a positive, strong, purposeful tone for the rest of the day.

It is well known that successful people have morning routines that energise them and that make them feel in control. The effects of an enjoyable and beneficial activity of just 10 or 15 minutes really do last into your day and increase the probability that what comes at you will also be enjoyable (see Law of Attraction posts).

Your chosen activity could be physical exercise, reading, meditating, visualizing, journaling or simply reflecting on things you feel grateful for (and even in the most adverse circumstances we can always find something to be grateful for, however small). (more…)

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The 5 essentials for leading a team

The 5 essentials for leading a team

Most of us are required to exercise a leadership function at some time in our lives even though this may be in adhoc and informal situations.

However, regardless of whether you officially lead a team at work or only find yourself in leadership situations from time to time, there are certain elements that have to be present for you to lead a team effectively.

Be positive: one of the most important characteristics that a leader must possess is positivity. As a leader you must have a fundamental belief that you can change and improve things. Being positive means you see opportunities rather than problems, that you focus on what can be done to resolve an issue rather than dwelling on what can’t be done. The way you speak is also important, nobody will feel inspired by a leader who uses negative language to make judgements or expresses doubt before examining possible solutions. (more…)

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The new depths of motivation

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“When it comes to motivation, there’s a gap between what science knows and what business does.

Our current business operating system – which is built around external, carrot-and-stick motivators – doesn’t work and often does harm. We need an upgrade. And the science shows the way. This new approach has three essential elements:

  1. AUTONOMY – the desire to direct our own lives
  2. MASTERY the urge to get better and better at something that matters
  3. PURPOSE –  the yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves”

That’s a summary from a great book I’ve just read about motivation called Drive by Daniel H. Pink. and it really struck a chord with me. (more…)

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