Are you YOU at work?

A friend asked me this question last night. She followed it up with “or are you Business Janice?”. I think the look on my face before I actually spoke, answered her question.

Why wouldn’t we be who we are at work? And if we have to be who we aren’t, who are we and what are we wanting to achieve by trying to be someone else? How sustainable is it to constantly try to be someone else? Wouldn’t that be extremely exhausting, not to say, stressful?

As you can see, my friend’s innocent question immediately brought to mind so many more deeper questions and gave me a great insight – thinking about it, “are you You at work”? is probably the essence of what this whole blog is about!

The Essence of Personal Branding

I was with an HR manager yesterday,we were talking about Personal Branding as her company is thinking of running a training course on the subject. Two thoughts came to me; firstly I was really impressed that a corporate company in Spain is considering promoting something that is as empowering to the individual as Personal Branding and secondly, it really does feel as though the big picture is coming together. What do I mean by that?