Coaching in english
  • “I recommend Janice as an excellent business coach. Her listening skills are second to none and she displays enormous empathy in the coaching sessions… more

    Pilar Garcia del Olmo, Deputy General Manager, Julià Miami LLC
  • “Janice starts her program by helping the coachee to deeply explore the topic that is the focus for development. She then challenges the person to find ways to identify the root cause of the issues, agree on specific actions to undertake… more

    Elvira de Alcalá, HR Manager, Cisco
  • “I had the opportunity to have 4 coaching sessions with Janice Haywood from Business Learning solutions. The coaching program was designed to enhance my communication abilities (persuasion, impact, emotion & build rapport)… more

    José Miguel Vicente Sánchez, Gate Gourmet, Regional Director Operations Planning and Controlling Western Europe
How to become an effective leader

“A great course! Very ‘eye-opening regarding essential leadership skills.”

Ricardo Ferreira, Altran

“This was an excellent course; it really makes you think about core leadership perspectives and having a vision for a better future.”

George Papaspanos, Altran
Interviews in english
  • “Great course. Essential for anyone who needs to interview candidates in an international environment and wants to sharpen his/her interviewing skills in the language of Shakespeare” 

    Wim Zwaenepoel, Consultor, Madrid
  • “It has been an extremely useful course! Now I feel  more confident and prepared for English interviewing.”

    Nuria Morella, RRHH, Altran
  • “This course is excellent as it helps us to be more objective when we have to do a recruitment interview in English!”

    Josefina Pigueras, HR, Altran
Presentations with impact
  • “He tenido la suerte de participar en un curso sobre cómo mejorar mis habilidades de comunicación impartido por Janice, su ayuda y direccionamiento me han permitido mejorar mucho mi capacidad para presentar las ideas de una forma más atractiva, ordenada y directa. Su gran motivación y entusiasmo hicieron que la formación fuese amena y altamente enriquecedora. Volveremos a trabajar juntos en el futuro, de eso estoy seguro.”

    José Juan Blasco, Sales Supervisor, Philip Morris International
  • “BLS imparted a fantastic presentations skills course filled with enthusiasm, experience and energy. We were filmed by video and were given very precise tips and recommendations. more

    José M. Dutilh Carvajal, Le Quid
  • “This course has been extremely useful and practical to obtain a clear idea of what steps we need to take to design and deliver a great presentation and to feel much more confident about talking in front of many people.”

    Sara Peral, Philip Morris International
  • “The Presentations Skills course I received with Janice as the trainer was fantastic. It contained innovative theoretical content and many practical activities… more

    Mariano de Abajo Bedmar, Project Manager, Altran
  • “An excellent training session showing us how to develop our communication skills; useful tips that really do provide added value to your presentations.”

    Manuela del Moral, Market Research Specialist, Philip Morris International
Essential time management skills
  • “A stimulating and enjoyable day. Quality training!”

    Neil Clarke, Kensington School, Madrid
  • “I attended the Time Management course and found it to be very interactive. There was an excellent balance between theory, practice and moments for reflection.” 

    Nick Simpson, Cambridge House, NABSS, Valencia
  • “Janice is an expert in management skills, leadership… which enables her to give various courses on different subjects related to soft business skills and Human Resources…más

    Alicia Díaz Sánchez, Responsable Comunicación PYMES, Telefónica
Positive thinking

“The Positive Thinking course is special but the thing is you would never know it until you do it!” 

 Juan José  Ordás Fernández, TRS Staffing
How to become more assertive

“This course gives you a solid framework to deal with a myriad of situations.” 

Shaun Gavigan, ELI, Sevilla
Effective meetings

“I really enjoyed the Effective Meetings course as it was very interactive. It’s ideal to be able to practice your English and learn how to lead and participate in a meeting at the same time!” 

Marta Caseres Garcia de Dios, Aviva
Confict management

“The Conflict Management course imparted by Business Learning Solutions was very enjoyable. It had an easy going approach, with many clear ideas and the concepts were well explained.”

Graham Gurney, Kensington School, Madrid