The Essence of Personal Branding

I was with an HR manager yesterday,we  were talking about Personal Branding as her company is thinking of running a training course on the subject.  Two thoughts came to me; firstly I was really impressed that a  corporate company in Spain is considering promoting something that is as empowering to the individual as Personal Branding and secondly, it really does feel as though the big picture is coming together. What do I mean by that?

Personal branding is exclusively about WHO YOU ARE – what personal characteristics make you stand out, the values you stand for and ultimately what is the  unique contribution that only you bring to the table. Obviously it’s a powerful tool for small business owners, especially those in the service sector, where their own personalities and professionalism often sell the service. As social media takes an ever stronger hold each day, it will be imperative for certain individuals in business to have a very strong personal brand which sets them apart from the rest.

But underneath everthing that’s being written about personal branding, the vocabulary, the theory, the benefits and the inevitable  “how to create your personal brand” etc we come down to one main message – the power and uniqueness of the individual. It’s the same message we’ve been seeing for some years now; the message that began with “positive thinking” in the 80’s, which was followed by the introduction of coaching and is now being re-enforced with Personal Branding.

When I started getting into coaching some years ago, which led me into Law of Attraction and then spirituality, it didn’t take me long to come to, what was for me, an obvious conclusion – that coaching – promoting and enhancing the power and freedom of the individual- was just a fashionable and socially acceptable name for spirituality. And I see exactly the same parallels with Personal Branding. Of course, (at the moment),  you can’t use the word “spirituality” in businesses, it’s scary and most people think it’s the same thing as religion which it most definitely is not! But what is really gratifying is seeing how basic spiritual concepts related to the individual are finally finding their way into the business world and not only becoming accepted but are being positively embraced. We are living in a time of awakening in more ways than may seem apparent!

If you wish to continue reading about the two themes here touched on, check out:

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