Thinking of starting a business? – Follow your heart!

There’s thousands of books been written about how to start your own business –  what sort of person you should be, the sort of plans you should make, how you should select your business partners, how you should finance it etc. etc.  And of course, most of these books talk about the risk factor.

If we are offered an opportunity to go into business, should we take it or not?  At the risk of being over simplistic (which I love to do),  I would say, if you have to think about it too much, no , if it gives you a  rush of positive feeling, go for it.  Nowadays, with all the information there is on the internet, all the people we can connect with who can help us, we can get all the information we need to launch our business. In my opinion, it’s all about mindset and passion.

Let’s take the case of an internet business, perhaps the least risky of all.

There’s never been a better time than now to start an internet business because people are hungry for information and as I mentioned above, all the info you need is at your fingertips. You can set up a simple web site on a subject that you’re passionate about, write lots of articles, give away free downloads, promote it using internet networking sites, start selling ebooks once you’ve established credibility and there you have your business. All it requires is to  write about what you’re passionate about, take the time to learn about internet marketing and a  smidgen of technology and there you have it.

Everything comes back to being aware of where circumstances, events and people are taking you, and if  a business propositon gives you the rush of feeling, that’s the push from the universe trying to bring you what you want (even though you may not be fully conscious of what you want yet).

For those of you who like to be more practical and are still reluctant to leave everything in the hands of our favourite universal law (the Law of Attraction in case you hadn’t already guessed), I would like to recommend an excellent book I’ve just read. It’s called “How to be an Entrepreneur” by Steve Parks.  The book suggests there are 6 factors which are necessary to become a successful entrepreneur.

  • Attitude
  • Opportunity
  • Focus
  • Talent
  • Buliding
  • Communication

Over the next couple of posts I’ll be spending some time outling the main points that Parks in each of these categories and adding my own insights from the experiences I’ve had running my own business.

If you’re the type of person who embraces change and growth, running your own business is an exciting ride. A successful business takes on its own personality and hungers for (personal) growth. Balancing your own growth with that of your business is the real challenge.



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