Three Powerful Principles

There’s been a lot written here about goal setting, success and the Law of Attraction. I don’t know about you, but I believe it’s important to keep submerging ourselves in this type of material to make sure the mindset really takes hold.

I read an article the other day which was extremely powerful;  an article which summed up in just 3 points the essence of everything I’ve been writing about in many posts.

The writer talked about “Spiritual Millionaires”, how he has studied their habits and has discovered that they achieve what they desire by using 3 powerful principles.

Firstly, they KNOW that they can create whatever they want through the  use of the Law of Attraction. They don’t just believe, they KNOW that by focusing 100% on their desire and imagining that they already have it (as it already exists at a different level of consciousness anyway), it is only a matter of time before it will manifest into physical reality.

Secondly, they take action, “inspired” action. They follow their intuition and take advantage of opportunities which leads them step by step to the manifestation of their goal. They don’t force action but at the same time they are not put off by being taken out of their comfort zone if that is what a next step demands.

Thirdly, they maintain an “attitude of gratitude”. This is essential in the whole process, as gratitude is an emotion which vibrates at an incredibly high frequency and thus draws more to you of which to be grateful for. Whenever you feel such gratitude that tears come to your eyes, immediately switch your thoughts to what you wish to manifest and this transformed energy will immediately start working and manifest what you want much more quickly.

So remember:

  • Have total faith in the Law of Attraction
  • Take inspired action
  • Maintain an attitude of gratitude

This post was prompted by the article The Three Most Powerful Principles I Have Learned from Millionaires by Dr. Robert Anthony featured this week on the site Mind Power News.

By the way,  I have to recommend a book that I have recently purchased, well, I’ve purchased it in CD format so I can listen to it in the car, it’s amazing – so detailed yet so easy to understand (even the heavy quantum physics section). It’s called “A Happy Pocketful of Money” by David Cameron Gikandi



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